We are a global independent management and delivery advisory group.


Our team is composed of internationals coming from lots of different countries

Our values


Human comes first

Taleo was founded by two brothers: the family is at the heart of Taleo’s project. As a family company we are much more focused on continuity and on the long term. We differentiate ourselves through responsible management practices and ethic. We take into consideration our employees’ needs and we invest in durable relationships with suppliers and customers.

We feel a stewardship responsibility toward our colleagues and we believe a successful project starts with a professional and personal fulfilled employee. Motivated professionals make the difference!

With this sustainable approach to profitability, we create sustainable value not only for ourselves but also for our customers.


Our growing offices are located in the heart of Europe


Smile & Happiness

We believe that a smile is communicative. Practicing smiling and having a more upbeat attitude makes it likely to spread this mindset. We always try to look at the bright side of things.

All of us at Taleo live the "work hard, play hard" mentality! We don’t take ourselves too seriously but we do know how to celebrate successes. We always support each other during harder times and we trust humor is essential to performance and success.

Our employees are full of enthusiasm as they have, first and foremost, a positive mindset and are bursting with energy. They love creating and innovating, and relentlessly strive to improve and make things around them change.

We encourage empowerment and knowledge sharing with one objective: the pleasure of working together.


M€ of turnover in 2022


Existing and thankful partners


Being good isn’t good enough!

Being better doesn't cut it, either. It's excellence we strive for.

Taleo’s passion and enthusiasm for providing high-quality advisory isn’t just common knowledge within our own business. We’ve also gained some impressive accolades from external sources for excellence as both a partner, and as an employer. And most of all we are committed to winning with integrity.

Excellence means that we are Professionals in what we do. We are always ready, always accountable and always helpful. We hold each other accountable for delivering on our commitments yet we take time to recognize our accomplishments in fun, and sometimes unexpected ways.

Excellence is the main driver to achieving goals efficiently and effectively, and to unleashing our potentials and stretching our limits.

Corporate Social Responsibility

At Taleo, Corporate Social Responsibility revolves around three keywords: People, Environment & Economic Integrity.

Taleo has designed and implemented the first steps of its CSR policy, and we are aiming to enhance and perfect it each year with the help and ideas of our teams. We have joined different organizations and implemented several actions that meet the Sustainable Development Goals set by the United Nations.


By signing the Ten Principles of the UN Global Compact, we have committed to putting Human Rights, Labour, Environment and Anticorruption at the core of our strategies and operations.

In 2021, we obtained the silver Ecovadis medal! We aim at improving our CSR engagement throughout and hope to further improve our ranking next year.

We received the Great Place to Work certification which rewards companies based on their company culture and employee satisfaction.

At Taleo, we ensure that the entire employee lifecycle, from recruitment to annual evaluation and promotion, is free of any kind of discrimination whether it is based on origin, gender, handicap, etc.

Partnerships with NGOs

Taleo has been sponsoring “Made in Abeilles” for several years now. The NGO promotes the protection of bees in Belgium.

Taleo sponsors "Les Gazelles du Gazon", who promote women’s football and more generally women in sports in Belgium.

Each month we donate to the charity "Stëmm vun der Strooss" which works in favor of the social and professional integration of disadvantaged people in the city of Luxembourg.

We frequently make donations to the Samu Social in Brussels (clothes, books, hygiene products...).

Internally, we promote the use of the search engine Ecosia by our employees. Ecosia uses the profits generated by our online searches to plant trees.

We have implemented solidarity rounding in several of our locations, allowing our collaborators to donate a sum taken from their payslip each month to Unity Foundation and other charities. Taleo also doubles the amount donated by its employees.

We allowed our consultants to adopt coral via Coral Guardian, an NGO that protects and restores coral ecosystems worldwide and empowers local communities.

Taleo sponsors the association Rêves de Gosse, that allows "ordinary" and "extraordinary" children (who are affected by disability) to experience their first flight in a plane thanks to volunteer pilots!

We also sponsor GoodPlanet who inspire and encourage all generations to live sustainably., through different projects, campaigns and animations.

We have signed the Charte de la Diversité Lëtzebuerg thanks to IMS ("Inspiring More Sustainability"), the leading network of Luxembourg companies committed to corporate social responsibility.

We participate in the reforestation of the planet through our partnership with Tree Nation, an NGO that supports 21 projects to fight deforestation. In 2023, we have planted more than 10,000 trees.

The association Opération Thermos distributes hot and complete meals every night during the winter from November to April. We joined the association for a day and helped with the distribution!

We support the essential work of Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF) following the Turkey-Syria earthquake.

We support the Music'All association, which for the past 27 years has brought together over sixty students with a passion for the performing arts to create an original musical comedy involving mentally challenged children from the Institut Médico-Professionnel (IMPro) Le Roitelet in Tourcoing.

Taleo attracts and develops exceptional people from a broad range of backgrounds

Our clients tell us our people make the difference. Read below to find out about them and their careers.

Senior Talent Manager
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Business Process Analyst
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Rouveure's Mom
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Business Analyst
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Our team of partners

In 2014, Benjamin and his brother Yann, created Taleo Consulting. In the privacy of their own living room, they imagined their dream company, from the very first structure to the fundamental human values which will lead each of its steps. Challengers and in love with the finer things of life, the Rouveure brothers produced the best combination of fun and excellence as the starting point of their adventure.

partner avatar
Nicolas de Raulin

Nicolas brings a high amount of energy and passion to everything he does, and is an avid sports and music player. He plays tennis, swims, surfs, runs marathons and ultra-trails and plays the guitar or the piano as often as his schedule will allow. He is married to Maria and they have three young children that keep his nights and weekends very busy!

partner avatar
Louise Bache
Managing Director

Louise grew up in the South of France, she is a very good horse-rider and she loves to enjoy life & her friends. She started her life at Taleo with an internship, and 5 years later she was promoted to Managing Director of the Luxembourg offices. Louise is also the first woman to be appointed Regional Managing Director of the company. She has a dog, “Razmouth” who is completely part of the life of the company, and who was appointed chief happiness officer of the Luxembourg office.

partner avatar
David Barbe
Managing Director

David is the Managing Director of Geneva, an accomplished leader and effective communicator. He’s a passionate advocate for marketing and growth, finding inspiration in overcoming challenges and seeking new experiences outside one’s comfort zone. With previous residence in Lyon, he savors the world of fine gastronomy and culinary arts. David is a weekend handyman and an avid traveler, all while fulfilling his role as a dedicated husband and father.

partner avatar
Yann Rouveure

Yann is well-known for his culinary passion and likes to cook a good meal to share with his friends. He is as interested in the sophistication of oenology, as in the risk-taking of sport practices. As one of the daredevil Rouveure brothers, he is a challenger not afraid of defying the laws of gravity and breaking sometimes one or two of his limbs. Finally, Yann appreciates the calm of gardening during the day and the joyful sounds of the drum after sunset.

partner avatar
Valentin Pichon
Managing Director

From the South of France, Valentin attended Kedge Business School for a 5-years program including 3 internationally where he had the occasion to live abroad especially in the UK then in China. Passionate about the Finance world since very young, Valentin went into trading and Mastered in Finance before joining Taleo Consulting. Gifted with a native entrepreneurial mindset and eager to come back to the Asian culture and grasp business and growth opportunities there, he will now be in charge of the Taleo Singapore office and enjoy South Asia’s sun.

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      The Taleo Group

      The Taleo Group has expanded with the creation of Elmea and Sapia, two subsidiaries of Taleo.


      Elmea is an independant consulting company providing innovative, high quality, end-to-end advisory services for life sciences companies. They support Life Sciences leaders in their day to day efforts to deliver projects and outstanding products and services to patients worldwide.

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      SAPIA Consulting has the purpose of helping fit energy, environment, and sustainability obligations and addresses the organization’s decarbonization targets. Within case-by-case studies, refined analysis, and adapted solutions.

      SAPIA Consulting is your partner in the green transition towards positive impact and change.

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