Hunger Race: 24 hours of fun, adventure, solidarity – a unique experience! 

Nowadays 1 person out of 10 still suffers from hunger.  

In this regard, SOS Faim is taking action since 1964, by providing technical, organizational, and financial support to over 1,800,000+ small farmers in 8 countries.  

The projects of SOS Faim have a great potential to address issues of food security, social equity, and environmental sustainability. The benefits are triple:  

  1. « A guarantee of food security: 
    Peasant agriculture provides 70% of food production in Africa and Asia and employs 40% of the population. Supporting it means directly strengthening food security.  

  1. A weapon against poverty: 
    According to the World Bank, the development of agriculture is two to four times more effective than that of other sectors in combating poverty.  

  1. Respect for the environment: 
    Peasant agriculture contributes to the protection of biodiversity and the sustainable use of natural resources. » (SOS Faim, 2022). 

Hunger Race:  

The “Hunger Race” is a sporting and solidarity challenge organized by SOS Faim. The race takes place in Bouillon, Belgium on the 1st of July of 2023.  On the agenda: walk, trail and kayak.  

Taleo Consulting is proud to announce its participation in the 7th Hunger Race edition in 2023. 

Want a sneak peek?  

You too can participate: gather your friends, colleagues, family, or anyone else, and create a team for this year’s Hunger Race! If that is not possible for you, you can still support the association and Taleo’s teams by donating on our Hunger Race page!

Taleo implication  

Supporting initiatives such as SOS Faim is important for Taleo. Indeed, we commit to the environment and the people around us, and for that, we have received the Silver Medal Award of ECOVADIS in 2021.  

PS: Do not forget that donations (starting at 40€) are tax deductible in Belgium (you only pay 22€)!